External Ethical Code


In little more than half a century, Son Amar has gone from being a humble roast suckling barbecue dinner to an amazing theatre with a capacity for 3,000 people and one of the most impressive light and sound systems that can be found today.

Son Amar is constantly improving and evolving. In recent years, with the Whittaker family as owners, the changes have been spectacular, with each season becoming more colourful, with more visual effects and the latest in light and sound to give Son Amar a reputation that puts it alongside the best shows in the world.

As part of its drive for improvement, and within the principles that have always characterised the management, SON AMAR is committed to sustainability in all its areas. This ethical code is part of the development of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. This document aims to establish and communicate the regulating principles of SON AMAR to its different stakeholders. It is an undertaking by the organisation towards continuous improvement as part of its commitment as a focal point within SON AMAR.

This code is applicable to SON AMAR, as well as to all its personnel (irrespective of the type of contract they have, the position they occupy in the organisation or their location) and the people who work on behalf of it.

This is a living document that makes no attempt to replace agreements or national, European or international legislation. However, for SON AMAR it is an important priority.

Owners and Management






The business of SON AMAR is developed as an interaction between the main stakeholders




The principles that integrate the business of SON AMAR are:



Son Amar is a company managed by the Miles Whittaker family from its management team, and is notable for its concern, approachability and attention to detail.

Its family values (of leadership, equality and perseverance) are transferred to the working team, in its search for a committed and professional team.



Through the organisational structure and all key departments analysing the results together.

Motivating all staff to do the best they can.



Son Amar wants to be known as a quality and surprising leisure company providing restaurant services, where customer satisfaction reflects the work we do. We are always looking to exceed the expectations of our customers.



In the most spectacular shows; searching for uniqueness within the Majorca leisure industry.



For Son Amar, transparent management is essential; and this begins with compliance with all applicable legal requirements. Therefore, we have a team of professionals to advise us and keep us informed.



SON AMAR integrates respect for the interests of its stakeholders into its business strategy; and these entities in turn are committed to our social responsibility.



Surprising the customer, who always comes first.

SON AMAR believes that the customer must leave surprised and we must achieve the highest degree of satisfaction.

The structure, management and operation of SON AMAR are aimed at obtaining maximum customer satisfaction. This principle means there are mechanisms in SON AMAR to measure customer satisfaction objectively and to provide good customer care before and during the service.

SON AMAR aims to provide leisure and entertainment – catering for Majorcan customers and tourists, combining products and shows for both types of clientele.

Year after year, SON AMAR designs a range of shows; capturing new talent; changing and creating new shows and modifying the acts within the shows.

Through the application of the regulations described in the “Book of success” and the guidelines established by the organisation at department head office, it is always oriented to providing an excellent service to our customers at each session or show.


Legality and transparency

SON AMAR is committed to compliance with legal requirements and other commitments, and has a system for awareness and control of the applicable legislation. It also complies with all regulations and international commitments in the field of human rights (including enforced labour and child labour).
SON AMAR supports fundamental human rights, and rejects any participation in commercial activities that abuse these rights.
It also supports the elimination of all forms of enforced or coerced labour and supports the eradication of child labour.
Under its principles, it establishes prevention and management mechanisms in the face of potential discrimination cases.
SON AMAR develops its labour relations by complying with the applicable employment legal framework.
The obligation to comply with health and safety regulations is included in this Code.
SON AMAR works with various companies specialising in different areas, which advise and inform us about different applicable legal fields to guarantee legal compliance.
Within the terms of this Code, legal compliance is extended to those companies that work with SON AMAR.


Equality of treatment in all areas and contexts:  A respect for plurality

Freedom for religious, moral and political convictions is respected, as well as equal treatment for gender, race, colour, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, age, disability, diversity, union membership and political affiliation.
SON AMAR has an Equality Plan and a protocol for prevention of and action against cases of sexual harassment and sexism.
All staff must be treated fairly and with respect. Any type of intimidating or discriminatory behaviour or hierarchical coercion or abuse is rejected.
SON AMAR respects equality in the broadest sense and has infrastructures and protocols to care for people with disabilities.
This is all reflected in its annual report available to stakeholders as an exercise in transparency.


Commitment to continuous improvement and excellence

This commitment can be verified through the data reflected in the annual report prepared by SON AMAR which is published annually on our website. It shows the degree of improvement, as well as the strategies to achieve these objectives as part of a strategic plan designed from the impacts derived from this activity.


Anti-corruption and anti-bribery practices

Included in this Code and, therefore, rejected by SON AMAR is any form of corruption, extortion, fraud or illegitimate interference in the political sphere or embezzlement.
Bribes and other types of undue payments to any person or organisation, whether direct or indirect, are prohibited.
As a display of this commitment, SON AMAR has established the following:
a)    Commitment to anti-corruption measures and non-interference by the Management Team and Owners.
b)   All products and services buying and selling is managed with the utmost integrity by those people involved, with all bonuses or gifts, for example, being avoided at all times.
c)    No gifts, services or bonuses are accepted by suppliers or contractors. If any exist, they are transferred to the Management Team for distribution among the entire team.
d)   Hospitality and expenses from commercial relationships are admitted after prior consultation with and supervision by the Management Team.
e)   The giving and receiving of bribes or inducements are prohibited.
f)    All personal or family conflicts of interest with those of the company are avoided at all times.


Environmental protection and pollution prevention

The commitment of SON AMAR to the environment cuts across all its business activities.
Its involvement with the environment is promoted via different strategies:
Through environmental management action in all activities with environmental awareness and training given to the entire staff.
Via a management policy for suppliers and responsible and local purchases.
Through different improvement projects in facilities that have an environmental component at all times, by focusing on optimising resources and minimising environmental impact.
Through the Son Amar Foundation as a non-profit entity created by the owners to carry out a wider range of environmental actions.
These environmental management results can be seen in the Annual Report.


Local commitment

SON AMAR develops its commitment to society and the local economy through the following strategies:
Through involvement in the development of the local economy, by seeking to introduce Majorcan producers as part of our gastronomic range.
SON AMAR collaborates with humanitarian institutions, like the Red Cross, Cáritas and Deixalles; looking for active collaboration projects such as internship agreements, which have facilitated future recruitment.



A spirit of teamwork is adopted, by collaborating with our colleagues for the good development of the service. The rules displayed in the “Son Amar Book of Success” must be respected in this regard.
Both management system actions and annual events that contribute to build team spirit and produce a good working environment.
Every year, SON AMAR awards the people and departments in its team that have contributed to the creation of a better working environment. This is a fun initiative focused on visualising the importance of this value among the staff.
From Son Amar management, leadership is promoted among department heads and their involvement in the management and improvement of the organisation is fomented.
SON AMAR measures its working environment every two years as well as other material aspects related to communication and leadership, for example, and provides strategies for improvement.


Confidentiality and protection of information

SON AMAR, has implemented the data protection Regulation and extended the requirements and documentation to all parties involved.
The entire team has established a commitment regarding formalised confidentiality.
There is a commitment to confidentiality in all aspects related to work where it is necessary to keep professional secrecy, both internally and externally.
Disclosure of unauthorised information is prohibited.


Health and Safety

Health and safety at SON AMAR is fundamental to implementing any activity, and is expressed through:

  • Legal compliance and control of the premises.
  • Control of security and fire extinguishing components for installations and equipment in the premises.
  • Control of information security; electronic commerce; and access to facilities.
  • Control of food safety.
  • Performing bimonthly drills and exercises to prepare for possible emergency situations.




This Code of Ethics is communicated to all personnel and people working on its behalf through the usual channels.

Once communicated, no person/entity can use lack of knowledge to justify any conduct contrary to that regulated in this Code.

Complainants must identify themselves and provide all necessary information, as well as the information on the person(s) reported. Anonymous complaints are not processed.

All complaints are communicated via the following address: info@sonamar.com


To ensure confidentiality in matters associated with this code, the person receiving the complaint as well as those involved in its management resolution have entered into a commitment to confidentiality.

Failure to comply with the principles and rules presented in the Code of Ethics and regulations implemented may involve disciplinary measures, depending on each case; with action taken in application of the pertinent sanctioning procedure according to employment legislation or restrictions or changes in contracts or commercial agreements.


This Code is not subject to any review period.


Owners and Management Team